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Travel at ease from Heathrow to Gatwick airport!!

Since there are no direct trains between Gatwick and Heathrow, people generally take alternative means of transport to travel between Gatwick to Heathrow airport. Of these- licensed mini cabs are the most popular option of traveling for the regular passengers, as they are comfortable, quick and surprisingly cheap. Other than these, people also travel by buses and coach shuttles available for taking this tour.


Interestingly, there are a number of private hire car services available between these two major airports. The reason being, that it takes a little more than an hour for this trip under normal traffic conditions and also because the drivers await passengers in the arrival hall which makes it very convinient for those who do not know the airport very well. The passport control and luggage collection at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports can be time consuming and that is why you should reserve a minimum of 3 hours for the journey from Heathrow to Gatwick or other way around.


So how many passengers can a standard size minicab take?


A normal cab taken from or to Gatwick airport is a so called a Saloon car (in Europe and US- Sedan) can accommodate 4 persons at a time along with their hand luggage and two standard size suitcases. However, there are bigger cars (e.g. 8 seaters) available to families and office assemblages.


How much a taxi or a minicab cost from Heathrow to Gatwick?


These minicabs are well liked because of the exclusive services at affordable prices they offer. The services commence from receiving the guests at the airport terminal and then transferring them to their required destinations. Sometimes, these cabs, particularly the Airport Link, serve as tour guides to special guests and give the best services possible in the industry. The best part here is that for all these services the charges are bare minimum including taxes, extra fees as well as parking charges. Taxis taken from a taxi ranks outside the terminals will sometimes charge double the private hire operators rates and that is why you should consider to plan ahead and book your transfer before the day.


Are there any extra charges I should expect?


There are no extra charges for these cabs except in some cases where the customer may delay the journey beyond an hour or so. At the time of this article being written Airport Link charges 30pence/minute waiting time after initial 60 minutes which are free of charge. To make it clear there are no extra charges if your plane arrives late and you have whole 60 minutes free waiting time included in the package- that is after CONFIRMED time of landing.


Airport Link provides real special service as all of our cab drivers await your arrival patiently at the arrival hall holding a sign with them, with your name on it (or your company name). They then assist you with your luggage safely to the car and then you will just be sailing smoothly in the cozy environment of the car to your chosen destination.


The distance between these two major London airports, of approximately 44 miles, can be covered comfortably in these mini cabs and with the most reasonable price you have ever had. These cabs do not charge any extra money for providing children seats and try to give you a homely environment even when you are traveling at a fast speed. They make your journey enjoyable, adorable and the most happening.


To book or not to book?


Most of the times, long distance traveling is always tiring and more than that, there are apprehensions about the costing as well as the time that will be consumed. However, when you have a fewer number of people, taxis and privte hire cars might be the cheapest option for the journey. In fact even if you have to take a larger car for a big group, it is still cheaper than the coaches, public busses or trains. Private Hire minicabs are definitely more relaxing than the bus and coaches and they definitely provide more privacy than any other means of travel.