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Heathrow Airport Facts:

Privately owned

Owned and operated by BAA Ltd, London Heathrow Airport is a major international airport.


One of the world's busiest and most advanced airports, handling more international passengers than any other.

Where is Heathrow

Located about 14 miles (20 kilometers) west of London at junctions 3 and 4 on the M4 motorway (motorway to and from Wales).


Handles over 60 Million PAX/year. Over 90 different airlines fly in and out of Heathrow

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Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport- Departures Level Heathrow Airport Taxi and Minicab Service.

Visiting London is a great experience and many people come here every time they can. Reaching this beautiful city is easy due to the surrounding airports: London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, London Luton Airport and London Stansted Airport.

All London Airports are well connected with the London City Centre and also the major cities across the UK. There is a number of ways of transfer from one airport to another. You can use the underground, train, coach or a hotel transfer facility. However, the most convenient way to travel is by car. Especially when you are arriving to your destination tired after a long journey.

Hiring a vehicle may seem a good solution, but it is not cheap and driving alone in a city you don’t know may be difficult. Experience of many tourists and passengers has shown that it can be frustrating, too. Luckily, there is another way to get from one of the London airports to any location of your choice. It is a taxi. You may be wondering if it is affordable for a tourist to pay for a taxi in pounds. You will be surprised to discover that in many cases prebooking a cab is much less expensive than using the public transport. It all depends on the number of passengers and type of taxi. For example, for a group of three or more, it is usually cheaper to take a taxi than to buy train tickets. And of course it is much more comfortable.

The car will take you anywhere you desire, you don’t have to walk with your luggage from the station to your hotel. The minicab companies provide free meet and greet service and they are all polite and helpful. They will also help you with you luggage at no extra cost.

London Taxis versus Minicabs.

There are two types of 'taxis' out there in London:

  • Traditional Black Cabs- metered, which means you pay for whats on the meter and the meter clock continiously works even if taxi is stuck in traffic.
  • Minicabs as oposed to Black Cabs. There are also standard cars, licensed as Private Hire Cars- those do not have meters and charge per mile rather that per mile and per time, so if in traffic you don't pay extra, as well you don't have to pay more than agreed fare if a driver chooses different, longer but from his perspective quicker route.

Taxis at Terminals.

Right outside the terminal buildings you will only be able to get into a Hackney Carriage Licensed Black Cab. If you have not prebooked your taxi, this is often the only way to get one on the day.

To save money on the day you may prebook a minicab. Word 'minicab' might sound a little weird and confusing to someone from outside the UK. Minicab operators are licened as Private Hire Services providers and operate different size vehicles such as saloons (standard sedan), estates (station wagons), or MPVs (Minivans). So on the contrary to black cabs, minicabs can actualy be much bigger, more spacious than standard black taxis and what is more important are usually much cheaper as they do not run on a meter and charge a flat fee often based on a mileage not time.

Booking Minicab or a Taxi To Heathrow Airport.

Pre-booking a taxi from Heathrow airport can save a lot, as at the airport there are rather expensive black taxis only. Getting to your desired destination safely and within the time was never so simple. Prebook a car, meet your driver inside the terminal and let him take care of you.

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