Trains from Gatwick to London.

If you are arriving to Gatwick Airport in London, you should think in advance about the best way to continue your journey. If you are going to other cities on your own, like Bristol or Brighton, probably the cheapest way to get there will be taking either a coach or a train. However, if you have to get to London city centre, the fastest way will be taking an airport train.

On the other hand you have to think about getting from Victoria Station to your destination and if it’s, for instance somewhere near Esher you will pay extra for a black cab after getting of the train at Victoria to get you there- pointless and expensive, or you will end up draging your luggage from one bus to another. If there is two of you or more you may consider to take a taxi directly from Gatwick instead of a taking a train and a taxi. You may actually save some money by doing so.

The London Gatwick Airport taxis are considered expensive. The opinion is due to the fact that the official Gatwick Taxi company actually charges a lot for their service. Their taxis are available once you arrive with no need of booking. They may be one of the symbols of London, but they are too expensive for most people to afford. But there are also alternative taxi providers near Gatwick! They are so called airport minicabs. Their prices are fixed and can be even half cheaper than the London Black Cabs. The only thing you have to do is book your taxi in advance. You can do it on the website, over the telephone or even via fax. The driver will need your flight details, especially the flight number. If the flight is late, the taxi will be waiting for you. Of course the waiting time is free.

Some airport cabs will not charge you extra if you pay by credit card. This is also a huge advantage if you don’t have enough cash with you. The fixed prices they offer are easy to check on any airport taxi providers website so there will be no surprises when you receive the bill. Needless to say that a cab is much more reliable than a train or coach. If you are looking for a transfer from Gatwick to Heathrow, Stansted or Luton it is also much faster.

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