Heathrow Airport Taxi Fares.

Sometimes you have to take a taxi because going by train or by bus is quite impossible. For example when travelling with children, travelling with elderly or handicapped or oversize  luggage. In such occasion you may discover that taking a taxi from Heathrow Airport in London can result much cheaper than any of the shuttles available. And of course it is very comfortable and much more reliable.

How about the fares?

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the London Black Cabs, that is the official London City taxis, and the alternative providers of airport taxi services. The former can be really expensive but you don’t have to book them in advance over the Internet. The latter, that is alternative taxi providers, are numerous private companies that operate between London Gatwick Airport and other destinations, including other London airports and all the major cities in the UK. The service is usually two times cheaper than the official airport taxi. You can check the fares on the providers website. As the prices are fixed you will avoid unpleasant surprises. The drivers are well trained professionals that will help you with your luggage or wheelchair. Most airport taxi providers offer you meet and greet service which is really convenient if you don’t know the London Gatwick Airport. Your chauffeur will be waiting for you just outside the arrivals hall. The rate for a one-way drive for the airport is fixed, so you can compare before leaving home which is cheaper, a taxi or a shuttle. For a group of three or more passengers it is often really cheap to take a cab if you sum up all the ticket cost.

London Black Cab Fare from Heathrow to Central London (near Victoria) you can estimate for about £60-£80, and from Heathrow to Gatwick for about £100-£140 dpending on traffic, that’s why it is worth prebooking online with alternative taxi providers- you can simply save half of the money!

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Tips on Getting a Cheap Taxi to London Heathrow Airport.

Have you ever considered taking a taxi when you travel to London Heathrow Airport? Some people never do, as they find taxis too expensive. That is why it is important to state that London airport minicabs are not the same as the London Black Cabs. The Minicab operators are private alternative to London taxi transport providers. The price differences can be huge so watch out! A minicab booked in advance online can result cheaper than public transport such as trains or coaches. All depending on the number of people travelling with you. For a group o three or four it is much cheaper to take a taxi to the airport London Gatwick than buy underground or coach tickets. Travelling with your family you may discover the fares are really low and if you book in advance you can get a really good deal for a taxi transfer from London to the Heathrow Airport. Because the good thing about alternative taxi providers is that they have fixed rates. This way you are able to check the price of a drive from Heathrow or Gatwick Airport to London or Brighton before you even book your plane ticket! This is anther reason to book a minicab in advance. If you take a traditional taxi, you will be charged per kilometre or, in case of traffic, per hour. That means that the fares may be different on the same route depending on the time of the day. If the traffic is really hard or there are some road works you can be charged even twice as much as expected. With minicabs it’s all a different story. The charge is clear on the moment of booking and can change only if you change the destination.

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Any Cheaper Alternative to London Heathrow Taxis?

On your arrival to London Heathrow Airport you will probably want to get to London or other major city. If you are looking for a comfortable, fast and cheap solution, you should consider booking an airport taxi with one of the alternative taxi providers.

Why should one book taxi from Heathrow in advance?

At Heathrow there are only expensive Black Cabs outside terminal buildings. You don’t have to prebook them, but if you want to save substantial amount of money (e.g. often 1/3 of the Black Cab fare or more), you have to prebook a taxi ahead, at least one day in advance. The Internet or telephone booking is the only way you can get a minicab from the Heathrow Airport in London. In the registration form you will provide your flight number so that the driver will know of any delay or last minute cancellation. The waiting time is free of charge and so is the meet and greet service. The driver will be waiting for you in the Heathrow Airport meeting point- sometimes it’s Costa Coffe -at terminal 5, or Airport Information desk in terminals. You will recognise him or her by a card with your name (or any other chosen word) on it. The drivers are really polite, well-dressed chauffeurs and will also help you with the luggage. Passengers travelling with children can book a free child seat.

And what are the Heathrow taxi fares?

Minicabs you book online are much cheaper than London Black Cabs, the official taxi provider at Heathrow. That is mainly because they have fixed rates that you can check before you even book the flight. This policy saves the passengers a lot of money. This way you do not pay extra in case of waiting in the traffic. If you choose the London Black Cab remember that they are all metered and you will pay all waiting times and you can be also charged extra if the route is changed due to road works. Alternative taxi providers will take you not only from Heathrow Airport to London itself, but also to all London airports, that is Luton Airport, Stansted Airport and Gatwick Airport.

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